New starters? Here’s my top tip.

A new school year often means new team members to your team.

So here is my top tip for new starters:

Give feedback early, both the good and the constructive.


It’s easy in these early days to focus on what is good and let some of the smaller niggles slide.

And you might have heard me say in our Successful Difficult Conversations training that typically you’d want to see things three times before picking up on it.

But with new team members I pick up on the little things that aren’t right (as well as many things they’re doing well).

And I recommend this because it sets your standards and expectations up front, when the issues aren’t big issues.

I remember the first teacher I trained with when I was doing my PGCE saying: 

‘I pick up on the small things, and I find the bigger things don’t happen.’

Wise words which have worked for me when I’ve used them (and regretted when I didn’t).

Are there any things you think need to be picked up with your new team members?

And are you the person who needs to mention them or is it someone else in your team who needs to be aware of this?

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