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Most schools become good, but very few become outstanding.

Why is that? 

Because the journey to good and the journey to outstanding are qualitatively different.

Getting to good is about compliance, systems and making sure a demanding list of actions are done every day. It’s no small feat.

Getting to outstanding is about creating a high-performing culture, something most leaders are not trained to do. It’s the reason most schools struggle to break the glass ceiling of good.

Every school can be outstanding. This book will show you what is really holding your school back and the three culture strategies you need to put in place to create a genuinely outstanding school. A school which delivers excellent education, is holistic, has great results and prepares your students for their next steps whilst being a joy to work in.

Sonia Gill has an impressive track record in supporting headteachers to create genuinely outstanding schools without focusing on the Ofsted framework; the schools she supports are far more likely to achieve ‘outstanding’ than those that don’t.