Useful information to set you up for success

We know you’re busy, so we’ve created this webpage which has everything you need to know about the training including: 

  • What to expect before, during and after your sessions
  • How to get the most out of this programme 
  • How to get the most out of online training generally 
  • Frequently asked questions

Before your training begins

When will we receive our training resources?

Most resources are electronic and will be sent to you by your trainer. 

Who is our trainer? 

You will be introduced to your trainer soon after you let us know you would like to join the course. You can meet our wonderful trainers and wider team here:

I’ve got a question – who you gonna call?

Not Ghostbusters! Your trainer is your first port of call. If you’ve misplaced their email, contact us at and we’ll get you reconnected.

What dates are we training?

You will be sent the dates for your school, and if you have any questions please contact your trainer or email us at 

Getting the most from the programme

The programme is stretching, fun and powerful. If you like learning, then you’re going to enjoy it 🙂 

You know that we get out what we put in so let’s look at what will help you get the most out of the programme. Our tips for you are:

  • You and your team will have some work between the sessions We appreciate you are busy and so we work to keep this as manageable as possible, but the process is reflective so what happens between sessions is as important as what we do in the sessions. We suggest you add a few hours into your diary in the weeks following a training session and before the next one.
  • Those who get the most out of it have an open mind, complete the work, and actively seek feedback from their trainers.

Getting the most from the online training environment

  1. How does it work? We meet remotely and online via zoom – don’t worry if you haven’t used this system, it’s very easy and we will help you and your team familiarise yourself with it.
  2. Is it secure? We take two precautions to protect against any uninvited visitors
    1. a meeting password – which is required to join
    2. a waiting room – this means you can only enter the meeting if your trainer lets you in.
  3. Is it better for us to be in one room or separate locations? Whilst both options work, online training works better if you and your team join from separate locations.

Tips to get the most out of online training:

  1. For the duration of the training try to find a space where you are not distracted.
  2. You don’t need to use headphones but can choose to use them if you prefer.
  3. Use separate devices during the training – you’ll get more from the session than if you share.
  4. Do have some water available throughout.


What support can we get outside of training?

We’re with you throughout the journey, if you have a question you want to ask us about the training, the work, how to make it work in schools – simply anything related to the programme – email your trainer and we’ll do what we can to support you.

What quality assurance is there?

One of our values is ‘evolving excellence’ for you and for us, so we can support you and your school in becoming genuinely outstanding. 

There are two main ways we make sure your training is being delivered to our standards:

  1. Your feedback. At the end of each session, we’ll give you and your team a link to a short feedback form. Please share your honest feedback there – we review these after every day.
  2. Trainer cross referencing. Our trainers share the work produced by you and other schools on the course to check consistently high standards are being met across all schools, and to share best practice from the training. 

If someone leaves my team can someone new join?

We understand that, for good reasons, people come and go. If someone leaves the course you can let another leader take their place. If this is going to happen, please let your trainer know asap – for the new participant they’ll need updating about what we’re doing and where we are.

Can we swap one team member for another once the course has started?

In principle yes, much the same as the answer above. Do contact your trainer if you’re thinking of swapping someone on the course.

Can different people come to different parts of the course?

No, you will want to have as much consistency in who attends as possible.

Naturally you might have some staff changes, but other than that attendees need to remain the same as far as is possible.

What if I’m not happy with my trainer?

In the first instance please speak to your trainer, we all embrace feedback. It will be welcomed.

If you would like to speak to someone else, please contact Sonia at

Can we rearrange a date?

We like to be as accommodating as possible.

For group sessions with all the schools, these dates are set and can’t be rearranged. It’s really important that as many of your team as possible attend these.

The sessions with your school can be re-arranged with enough notice (more than 2 weeks from the date of the training). With less than 2 weeks’ notice we would need to charge cancellation fees as set out in our terms and conditions (