Core strategyTraining sessionDescriptionOutcomeTime
Have successful difficult conversations: kindly and quickly to improve adult performance
and conduct
Core skills for having successful difficult conversationsA key feature of high performing teams is talking about the tough stuff kindly and effectively. This session will increase your team’s ability to have far more successful difficult conversations, issues which are a barrier to your school improving.You will have the core skills needed to dramatically improve the success of your difficult conversations and you will have a common framework for tackling these issues.09:30- 16:00
Individual session with your SLT
Half day implementation sessionKnowledge without implementation is nothing. To make sure you implement what you have learnt, we offer on-going support which allows us to really focus on specific skills and really work on specific issues you’re having. It helps us ensure that things are moving forward.You will be able to make sure your tricky conversations are on track and you're moving things forward kindly and effectively.09:30- 12:30
Group session with schools on the programme
How to create a compelling vision that inspires your
Understanding which values underpin your visionValues underpin your vision and your culture because culture is behaviour over time and values tell us what behaviours are most important in your culture.
Values tell us who we are on this journey.
You will know and powerfully articulate what values are most important.09:30- 16:00
Individual session with your SLT
Understand the strategic priorities for the exceptional school
you will create
To create your genuinely outstanding school we need clarity about what that looks like for you, so we will clarify your strategic priorities and what they really mean. Strategic priorities tell us where we are going.You will know the strategic priorities that will be the focus for the school you want to create. Along with your values they will underpin your vision.09:30- 12:30
Group session with schools on the programme
Create your compelling visionWith your values and strategic priorities in place we can create your compelling vision, a powerful articulation of why you do what you do and what it is you and your team are creating in your school.You will have your powerful vision, one that will enable you to create an exceptional school.09:30- 12:30
Individual session with your SLT
Create the 3-5 year plan to achieve your visionExcellence isn’t achieved in one year blocks, so we create a plan to let you craft real excellence, year on year with a 3-5 year plan.You will have your 3-5 year plan to create your genuinely outstanding school.Morning
09:30- 12:30
Group session with schools on the programme
Keep your vision aliveIt’s one thing to create your vision, to communicate it well to get everyone on board, but you also need to keep it alive over the years in simple, yet effective ways.You will have a range of simple but effective actions to keep your vision alive.Afternoon
13:30- 15:30
Group session with schools on the programme
Finalising your vision support callAn opportunity to review your vision before finalising it.You have or know what is needed to finalise your vision.45mins (TBA)
Individual session with your SLT
Personal communicationCommunication is strongest when it comes directly from a person. We will equip your team with the skills and knowledge to communicate with high impact.You will know how to communicate powerfully and with impact, even when under pressure.09:30- 16:00
Individual session with your SLT
Communicate your vision so your team can get on boardYour vision deserves to be heard with impact. We will show you how to share your vision so that everyone pulls in the same direction to achieve your vision.You will have a powerful piece of communication ready so you can share your vision for maximum buy-in.09:30- 16:00
Individual session with your SLT
Environmental walk aroundEnvironmental walk aroundEnvironment is emblematic of culture. We will show you the quick and inexpensive ways you can show a culture of excellence through your school environment – and it’s often not what you think.You will have an action plan of quick and inexpensive (free) ways to improve your environment and, as a result, enhance the atmosphere and culture of the school.Half Day
Timings TBA Individual session with your SLT
Total investment: £10,000 for up to 6 people, £500 per additional person (all prices excl VAT)