Is your school set up for success or stress this year? Take the test

Is your school set up for success or stress? Take the test here:


I’ve made a short, 3 minute quiz.

It looks, in depth, at the 3 indicators of success (aka high performance).

There is not a sniff of Ofsted criteria, or results data, in the questions.

And you get a score and personalised report that will share what your answers show, and how you can improve from wherever you are right now.


Fact: Your team is working hard.

Fact: You are working hard.


Question: Do you feel your school is as good as it could be, given how hard you’re working?

Question: Is it harder, more stressful, than deep down you believe it should be?


School life has varying degrees of success or stress.

Which is yours leaning to? (Success I hope).

This test will help you improve, whatever point you’re at.


For years I’ve walked into hundreds of schools.

I’ve assimilated information that has let me quickly work out how high performing a school is.

Then I can help them get on track for success, which they are far more likely to get.


This information has been rattling around in my head for a while.

And this summer I got it out of my head, specifically to help you.


You can take the school stress or success test here:

Let me know how you get on with it 🙂