Heads Up

Yay! It’s the New Year! Again. Because we just had one in September (aren’t we lucky to get it twice 😉 ). Does that mean new vision?

Yes and No.

Now is a great time to think about your vision, not because it’s the New Year, but because this time of year naturally lends itself to reflection and looking ahead. But it’s not a good time either because you might not be ready to look at your vision.

When should you look at developing your vision?

When you’re ready or when you feel it’s not doing what it needs to do.

You can revisit, revise or re-do your vision at any time in the year. You can also share it at any time. Granted that in schools you’re most likely to talk about your vision at the start of the school year or in New Year, they are natural times to talk about it. But I’ve seen people share their vision at all times in the year.

The most important thing is that you create a powerful vision, one that excites your team with picture of the future that they want to help create. It’s almost magical when you have a great vision.

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