Know and avoid the biggest mistake when having a difficult conversations

The single biggest reason a difficult conversation fails is because we don’t clearly tell the other person what the problem is. In this webinar Sonia Gill will be sharing how you can get clear on the issue and say it so that you can create the positive change that is needed.

This webinar was recorded live on 18th November 2014.  You can download the slides here.

5 common mistakes made in school capability procedures 

In this webinar Emma Webster, employment solicitor, shares common mistakes which are made when using capability procedures:

  1. Not talking to an employee soon enough
  2. Confusing conduct with capability
  3. Being vague about the problem
  4. Not being clear about how to improve
  5. Not sharing why the change is needed

The webinar was recorded live on 16th October 2014.  You can download the slides here.