If you are a leader, you’ve got to have difficult conversations with members of your team. Yet we’ll bet no-one has ever trained you in the skills you need to do this well.

Furthermore we know you’ll have hundreds, even thousands of these conversations every term.

For example, imagine you have a team member who turns up late, shoots down suggestions for change and undermine the rest of the team.

How can you make sure you clearly communicate the changes they need to make? Is your message as clear as you think it is? Have you told them a thousand times but nothing ever changes?

If only there was someone you could ask for help in order to get a better outcome. Luckily, there is!

Each week our resident guru, Sonia Gill, answers your questions about how to have successful difficult conversations on our ‘Heads Up TV’ video channel.

Ask Sonia is free, it’s helpful and totally anonymous.

So what have you got to lose? Spend a couple of minutes asking Sonia a question and her answer may save you hours of pain!

Sonia can help you to have successful difficult conversations so you can improve performance and behaviour across your team. Maybe you want to know how to handle people’s emotions better?

Or is you want your message to be heard as you’ve had the conversation a thousand times?

Do you want to know how to structure a conversation more productively?

Ask Sonia and she will answer!

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