Thurs 25th Nov 2021
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Outstanding Heads
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What to expect

There’s no doubt you became a headteacher to develop the best school for your children and community. As rewarding as this job is, I’m sure you agree, it’s a journey of constant learning and growth. 

Are you learning from the best? 

Every year since 2012, we’ve been bringing together recently outstanding headteachers at this flagship conference to share best practice with other headteachers. 

How many outstanding headteachers and schools have you met in the last 6 months?

Come and meet more!

Our speakers are truly inspiring. They have moved their schools forward under exceptionally challenging circumstances and they have received an ‘outstanding’ badge under the new framework (even though that’s not why they do what they do).

Our flagship event is extremely popular – they sell out every year!

Who should attend:

This event is perfect for Primary school (including Infant and Junior):

  • Headteachers
  • Deputy Headteachers
  • Assistant Headteachers
  • Senior Leaders
  • Middle Leaders

How good is it?

What do your colleagues have to say about ‘Moving to Outstanding: Best practice from recently outstanding headteachers’?

It’s brilliant! Your headteacher peers have rated the day on average 9.1/10 for the last four years.

“Thanks for another brilliant day of learning. You always provide the most wonderful speakers who are an inspiration to us all”. McClenaghan  Headteacher, Crowlands Primary, Essex

Once again I’ve collected some professional nuggets of gold”. C Jones – Headteacher, Hearsall Community Academy, Coventry 

“Absolutely loved the practical, inspirational speakers. Great to see it isn’t heads of schools with just amazing data. A real privilege to hear their journey” S Webb – Headteacher, Redgate Community Primary School, Liverpool


Beth Dyer, Headteacher- Nine Acres Primary, Isle of White

Click on the image to hear what Beth has to say about Moving to Outstanding 2019


Rebecca Harris- Headteacher, St Alban CofE Primary and Nursery & James Humphries- Headteacher, Kentish Town CofE Primary, London

Click on the image to hear their experience of Moving to Outstanding 2019


The speakers

The following speakers are confirmed for Moving to Outstanding 2021:

Getting to good is about action, getting to outstanding is about reflection and refinement

Sandra Appleby, Greenfields Primary School and Nursery, Kettering, achieved outstanding in January 2020.

Greenfields is an average sized school with a higher than average number with EAL, a high number of pupils eligible for free school meals and high mobility.

The school has been on quite a journey. In 2012 it would have been described as inadequate. A new head, Rebecca Gray, joined and the school became part of the David Ross Education Trust. Rebecca took the school on the fundamental cultural shift to become a very good school.

In 2015 Sandra joined the school for her first headship and two months later Ofsted arrived. Building on the work of Rebecca, Sandra and the team secured a strong good for the school.

But there was a danger that they could relax and get stuck at good. Taking the baton from Rebecca’s work, Sandra set about going on a different journey - one that would build on what had gone before and lead the school to being genuinely outstanding.

Sandra will be sharing how the school was able to firmly move to outstanding by getting the right team in place and building on what they already had in place through constant reflection and refinement. Sharing will be sharing:
- What should you ‘double down’ on
- How do you decide what to focus on?
- The difference culture makes

Building learning cultures for excellence

Timothy James Voss, Hare Street Community Primary School and Nursery, achieved outstanding in January 2020

Tim Voss joined Hare Street Community Primary and Nursery school just over 20 years ago when the Infant and Junior school amalgamated.

In that time the school has been inspected 6 times, and most recently was judged as outstanding.

Hare Street Community Primary School is a large school, with a higher than average proportion of pupils with SEN and those eligible for free school meals. Their community’s diversity has also been increasing in recent years, increasing their EAL to be higher than is usual.

Their results are stunning, both for attainment and progress. But more than that, Tim and the team have built a strong culture, one where everyone is proud to belong

Tim and the team have been on a journey, spanning several decades and starting with the amalgamation of two schools with very different cultures which made bringing about change very challenging.

Tim will be sharing how they slowly but surely built learning cultures within the school, with their staff, children and community.

An unexpected journey, from Deputy Head to CEO

UPDATE 24/11/2021 - Anne Powell, CEO of the Griffin Schools Trust, will sadly not be speaking tomorrow. One of her schools has just gone into an inspection and understandably she needs to support them.

Anne Powell, Chief Executive, Griffin Schools Trust, previously Head of two outstanding schools

Anne Powell was the Deputy Head of Riverley Primary School when it went into special measures in 2012.

When the Griffin Schools Trust was asked to support the school, Anne fully expected to be asked to leave. She wasn’t, she was asked to become Head. She did and in 2016 the school was judged as ‘outstanding’ in all areas.

The story didn’t end there. In 2015 Anne became Head of another two schools, Willow Brook Primary School, judged ‘outstanding’ in 2017 and Lordswood Primary in Medway.

In 2017 Anne became CEO. Anne’s career paints a picture of an ambitious career driven leader, yet her path has unfolded naturally by being true to her values and through her desire to develop others, be it the children in her school or her staff team.

As Anne says herself ‘I didn’t set out to be CEO but here I am’. It was never an aim, but the next logical step in doing what great heads seek to do: deliver the very best education for children.

Anne will be sharing the stages and differences required in the journey from DH to outstanding HT to outstanding Executive HT and CEO.

What happened next? 10 years on from the first outstanding judgement

Jonathan Cooper, St Luke’s Primary School, Brighton and Hove, achieved Outstanding in 2010 and 2013

In 2009 St Luke’s Infant and Junior School merged and just a year later they were judged to be outstanding and then again in 2013. But what do you do after two outstanding judgments?

Jonathan and his team are committed to creating exceptional innovative learning for their children and team and they have continued to push this further and challenge educational orthodoxies. And it works, with above average progress and attainment and nearly twice the number of pupils achieving the higher standard in reading, writing and maths.

Jonathan will be sharing how:
- Action research and being driven by data led them to create a reflective and innovative learning community.
- Children are at the centre of shaping their learning - so much so they teach lessons and their peers, they follow a non-behaviourist relationships policy and facilitate their own dialogic learning sessions.
- As a school, they promote risk taking, enquiry and collective responsibility for improvement with no performance management.

What meeting many outstanding heads has taught me about creating a genuinely outstanding school

Sonia Gill, Founder & Director of Heads Up

Sonia is confident that she’s met more recently outstanding heads than anyone else.

Since 2011 she’s met at least 6 heads every year who were judged as outstanding within that year.

And when you meet that many, when you walk into their schools, the commonalities between them become clear.

Sonia will be sharing what I’ve seen over the last decade:
- What ‘outstanding’ schools do differently.
- The mistakes that keep us at ‘good’.
- The heads who I’ve met (so you can meet them too).

Inspection insights from the first school to achieve outstanding under the new framework

Adrian Hall, Headteacher Rhodes Avenue Primary School, Haringey London, achieved outstanding Sept 2021

Rhodes Avenue Primary school was judged as outstanding 14 years ago, in 2007. In September 2021 they had their first inspection since then and are the first primary school to be judged as outstanding in this academic year.

It is a large school which serves a diverse population in Haringey, London.

Adrian will be walking through their outstanding inspection, sharing insights and tips along the way and how they prepared for the inspection.

Adrian will be sharing:
- What happened at each stage.
- How they led the inspection.
- What the deep dives were like.
- How they prepared themselves.
- Key points from the two days that will help you.

Event Sponsor: OPAL - making break times 100% better

Outdoor Play and Learning

Moving to Outstanding is sponsored by OPAL. Did you know that playtimes take up one point four years of a child’s life at primary school? Put another way, that is one day a week, or 20% of all of their time when at school.

We know there are so many competing challenges in running a school, but we also think that when combined with the clear need for better planning for children's mental and physical wellbeing, play just needs more thought and planning than it gets in most schools.

At OPAL we believe that ‘play’ teaches children all the life skills that need to be learnt that cannot be taught in a classroom. There are clearly lots of benefits to children from having lots of great play, but the good news is that there are also many benefits for schools too.

To learn more, go to:


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Important update 24/11/2021

Anne Powell, CEO of the Griffin Schools Trust, will sadly not be speaking tomorrow. One of her schools has just gone into an inspection and understandably she needs to support them.

Adrian Hall will now speak at 14:30 (not 15:30) and the conference will finish earlier at 15:30 (not 16:30).


09:30 - 09:40Welcome
09:40 - 10:25Session 1: Helen Nicholson (Executive Headteacher, of Stanton Junior School, Milton Keynes)
Building a great school by focusing on one element at a time, really well, with everyone on board
10:25 - 10:40Reflection & break
10:40 - 11:25Session 2: Lynn Williams (Headteacher, St Peter's CofE Primary School, Bolton)
Creating a culture of limitless learning
11:25 - 11:40Reflection & break
11:40 - 12:35Session 3: Ian Scotchbrook (Headteacher, South Harringay Schools, Harringay, London)
Lessons learned on our journey to outstanding
12:35 - 13:05Reflection & lunch break
13:05 - 13:45Session 4: Sonia Gill (Founder, Heads Up)
Getting out of the grind of good and into the joy of great
13:45 - 14:00How Heads Up supports schools
14:00 - 14:15Reflection & break
14:15 - 15:00Session 5: John Hayes (Headteacher, Gospel Oak Primary School, Camden, London)
How we became outstanding without trying to be
15:00 - 15:15Reflection & Close

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