Creating a genuinely outstanding school

6% of schools gain or maintain their outstanding OFSTED judgement.
But 24% of the school Sonia and her team have supported do.

How? In this live online training programme Sonia Gill will share what you need to do to break the glass ceiling of ‘good’ and create a genuinely outstanding school.

Since 2011 Sonia and her team have been helping schools become genuinely outstanding. She walks into at least 4 schools a week and knows more ‘Outstanding’ heads than anyone else*.  As a result the patterns of how to become genuinely ‘Outstanding’ have become very clear, which Sonia is going to share in this live online training programme:


  • The problems faced when moving from ‘Good’ to better than ‘Good’
  • The key changes you must make to become great
  • Practical tips you can take away and use immediately

The programme starts on Monday 14th Sept and runs for 5 weeks with a one-hour session each week.

Are you ready to take the next step in creating a genuinely outstanding school? Then join the programme here:

*Last date for joining is 9th September*

*If you think you know more outstanding heads then get in touch – Sonia would be happy to be proved wrong.

Course content and dates

Monday 14th Sept 11am – 12pm

Session 1: What stops your school being outstanding and how to create a genuinely outstanding school

Outcome: You and your SLT need the knowledge base to understand that every school can be outstanding, including yours

Monday 21st Sept 11am – 12pm

Session 2: How to quickly create excellence in your team

Outcome: a strategic map to improve performance faster than you could imagine

Wednesday 30th Sept 11am – 12pm

Session 3: How to have successful difficult conversations

Outcome: Know how to fix common issues in your school

Monday 5th Oct 11am – 12pm

Session 4: How to create a more powerful vision

Outcome: Quick ways to make your vision more powerful

Tuesday 13th Oct 11am – 12pm

Session 5: How to judge a school in 30 seconds

Outcome: Know the secrete messages your school is giving and how to fix them.


When do I need to join by?

9th September 2020.

What if I want to join later?

I’m afraid you’ll need to wait until we run this course again.

How is the course delivered?

Online, via zoom.

Who can access the course?

Your senior leadership team.

How long will the course run for?

5 weeks. Each week we’ll have a one-hour session.

What if I miss a session?

Don’t worry, we will upload it to the online portal you will have access to and you can catch up when you’re ready.

How long will I have access to the training materials?

Until the end of the academic year.

Secure your place

When you sign up you will have access for you and your senior leadership team.

The programme is £399+VAT.

Click here to secure your place

6% of schools gain or maintain their 'outstanding' judgement.
24% of the schools Heads Up support do.