Tuesday 3rd November 2020
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Tackling the fallout from Covid

– resolving your parent and staff issues

is a 2 hour online webinar, taking place on

Tuesday 3rd November 4pm – 6pm

These challenging times have brought a number of challenges for you to to face with your staff and parents.

Don’t allow difficult behaviour to become the norm.

Let Sonia and Emma put you in control of these challenging issues and resolve them once and for all, kindly and effectively.

For your school, for your children, for other team members and for your own sanity!


Our training proves to be invaluable for SLT and MLT leaders.

Each ticket purchased allows up to 6 attendees from your school to join the webinar.

Plus a recording will be made available afterwards so no-one has to miss out.


What will be covered in the webinar?

Quick ways to help fix your parent problems, including how to:

  • Quickly and strategically reduce parent complaints and challenges to keep them manageable for you and your team.
  • Reduce the negative impact of parent social media groups.
  • How to get militant parents on board.
  • Decision doubters – how to turn around those who don’t like the decisions you’ve made in the best interests of your school.
  • Stop answering the same questions.

Navigating the staff issues brought about by the crisis.

What happens when:

  • The teacher themselves has health issues which means they have to isolate.
  • The teacher has a vulnerable family members so they feel the need to isolate.
  • The teacher behaves in such a way which means they need to isolate either e.g. travelling to a quarantined country or breaking the rules.


Sonia Gill is the founder and director of Heads Up Ltd. Sonia has supported 100s of school leaders to have more successful difficult conversations with startling results: unresolved issues which have been bubbling along for weeks, months or terms have been resolved in one or two conversations and without court or capability. She shares easy to apply techniques and offers insight into why an issues is not moving forward. The training is 100% recommended be delegates.

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Each ticket allows access for up to 6 attendees – so your SLT can join the training.

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