Get a Heads Up on the new Ofsted Inspection Framework and how it’s being applied in current school inspections!

With just a handful of schools having been inspected so far, we have gained valuable insights from a headteacher, who got a strong good, as to what Ofsted were looking for in her school. This one page download of top tips for an Ofsted Inspection shares key points to help your school under the newest, 2015 framework, and considers how to get a positive Ofsted inspection.

Amendments to Ofsted Inspection Framework 2015:

The Gov.UK website outlines the key changes to the Ofsted Inspection Framework as:

  • The introduction of a common inspection framework for all early years settings on the Early Years Register, maintained schools and academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills providers
  • Short inspections for maintained schools, academies and further education and skills providers that were judged good at their last full inspection. These short inspections will be conducted approximately every 3 years
  • Significant changes to Ofsted’s inspection workforce. From September 2015, Ofsted will contract directly with inspectors for maintained schools, academies, non-association independent schools and further education and skills inspections

Top Tips for an Ofsted Inspection – New Framework

Within this download, a Headteacher reflects on a number of key inspection areas. These include:

  • The Ofsted Dashboard
  • Frameworks
  • Safeguarding
  • Code of Conduct
  • British Values
  • Home Learning

Download it here:

Reflections on a section 5 OFSTED inspection