Heads Up

When I was a teacher, no-one told me how to manage parents! Working in a school means you’re inevitably going to have to deal with parents and some of these conversations will be difficult.

If you or your team sometimes struggle with these conversations, then here’s something to help. My ‘Successful difficult conversations with parents – a free e-course’.

We know you and your team are busy so the course is 1 email everyday over 9 working days, all short, sweet and very useful. Here’s what I cover:

Part I: Fundamental tools for success

  1. What is the definition of a ‘successful difficult conversation’?
  2. Starting the conversation.
  3. Structuring the conversation.

PartII: Commons issues when talking to parents and how to overcome them

  1. Feelings of inequality with the parent (especially for newer teachers).
  2. The repeat offender.
  3. You lock horns with the parent and can’t seem to move forward.

Part III:  Useful tools for when you initiate a difficult conversation 

  1. When the parent doesn’t agree with you.
  2. When they don’t want to agree to the actions you are asking for.
  3. When they don’t take the actions they said they would.
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