This online programme will take you through the steps to create a powerful compelling vision.

Sonia Gill has supported many schools create a compelling vision; in this online course she will help you and your school do the same.

Great leaders create a deeply compelling vision – one which resonates at a deeper level with the team and with those who come into contact with it. It provides purpose to everything they do, it guides their decisions and it energises the team.

We believe a vision that works is the first step to create a truly excellent school.

As leaders, we’re often frustrated that people have not bought into our vision, but the problem often unknowingly starts with us because so many visions are not clear enough to let people decide if they want to come on the journey.

About the course:

  1. Sonia will walk you step by step so you can create a vision that works
  2. There are 5 modules with video tutorials
  3. The videos are bite-size, typically between 4 – 8 mins long (we know how precious your time is)
  4. Buy it for your school and can use with anyone on your team
  5. You will have ongoing access to the course

Investment:  £495

Course details: