Heads Up

Christmas presents on table and christmas decorations

Christmas.. always a special time of the year, and always a bit of a headache finding that little something different without breaking the bank!

And so, Kay our very own angel 🙂 has put together some great gift ideas for you: 

Something that almost everyone would love is a gift from Boomf.  They do nine gorgeously tasty marshmallows in a box, and it’s really simple to upload your photos or messages and have them printed on the marshmallows.  They’re ÂŁ15 with free worldwide delivery.  There’s loads of other stuff too – the Boomf Bomb looks great fun for ÂŁ4.99!

One of my favourite gifts has to be my Calamondin Orange Tree which my son bought for me about 5 years ago and it’s fabulous!  It spends the summer in the garden and the winter indoors (so we’re together all year round!) easy to look after and so exciting when the little fruits start to appear!  It came from a firm called The Gluttonous Gardener and was delivered in a sturdy wooden crate tied with raffia. There are some great ideas for special occasions too… love this site!

Isn’t it a pain if you’re just out the door and you haven’t got the right handbag?  (Or is it just me!!).  Life’s too short to start decanting all your stuff from one to the other, and losing keys and lipsticks at the bottom of a voluminous bag is just frustrating…. how about a handbag organiser?  They have loads of compartments and come in different sizes – just put all your essentials in it and then move it from handbag to handbag – saving loads of time and hassle! The ones made by Periea are excellent value for money and come in a range of lovely colours and designs.

Shoe clips, rather like clip-on earrings, jazz up a plain pair of shoes and come in every sort of colour and style.  I think they’re an unusual little gift, and as some of them are very economically priced, they look fantastic as a decoration on a wrapped gift, rather than a bow.
Find them on Ebay and Amazon, and a website called Etsy.

Even the smallest token gift is good to receive if it’s beautifully wrapped, but can get expensive with paper and bows. Brown paper and red raffia looks really good, and if you’re a bit artistic (or even if you’re not!) try drawing a Christmas tree or two on the paper with a glue pen then sprinkle with glitter.  Or raid Granny’s button box and thread some pretty buttons on to the end of a ribbon before tying around the gift.

I hope you find these ideas useful. I for one will be buying a couple of gifts from this list 🙂

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and peaceful festive period.