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Ofsted don’t set the standard. You do….

I know that hearing the ‘O’ word can sometimes send shivers down your spine and send you into a thought process of ‘What will they think of us’, but here at Heads Up we encourage schools and Headteachers to think in another way. A great restaurant who consistently deliver high quality plates of food from […]

It’s all down to leadership.

As a headteacher you are the leader of your school and the leader of the next generation; you know too well that your school’s success ultimately rests on your shoulders. Leadership creates culture by design; a lack of leadership allows a culture to form by accident. Great leaders create great cultures. The behaviour of individuals, […]

Christmas- always a special time of the year…

Christmas.. always a special time of the year, and always a bit of a headache finding that little something different without breaking the bank! And so, Kay our very own angel 🙂 has put together some great gift ideas for you:  Something that almost everyone would love is a gift from Boomf.  They do nine gorgeously […]