Heads Up

I know you want everyone to know your vision.  But if they can say it near enough word perfect then you should be worried. Why?  Because the chances are they know the words not the meaning?  A bit like when a child can say numbers but doesn’t have a concept of number.


I was developing vision with a school and one of the assistant heads referred to a school where everyone, adult and child, knew the schools vision and how impressive it was.  However when I asked him if anyone could talk about what that vision meant in practice his answer was no.  So how deep is that vision?


A great vision will galvanise a team and let them move forward together.  It should be compelling the perfect word to describe what a vision must do because comes from two Latin words:


‘Com’ which means ‘together’

‘Pellere’ which means ‘to drive’

So literally ‘compellere’ means ‘to drive together’ and that is exactly what a vision should do; it should mobilise and inspire your team to drive towards your vision together.  A vision is like a banner for your team to march behind, it states where you are going and why.Api

To do that, like having a concept of number, there needs to be a deeper meaning to the vision, what does it really mean and what does it look like.


If you want your school to be outstanding, you need to get your vision in shape – a bad one does little for you, but a great one gets your team on your bus and chomping at the bit to achieve it.

Our freeCreate a great vision’ e-course can help you!  Go to www.ukheadsup.com/great-vision-free-ecourse to sign up.  On it you’ll learn:

    1. Is your vision working? A simple acid test to find out.
    2. Why is a vision so important? (And why you can’t just ‘tick the box’ of just having one!)
    3. Who should write your vision?
    4. The difference between a vision and mission.
    5. The most common mistakes made in visions

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