Monthly Archives: October 2018

Growing excellence in your team

This strategy is about letting everyone be excellent at what they do. Typically, what happens when a school is in ‘RI’ is they do what I call ‘wholesale’ training; training which everyone needs and everyone attends. This is the right thing to do at this stage. But what happens when you get to ‘good’? Usually, […]

Hugh Gaitskell Primary School Vision

Hugh Gaitskell Primary School has just about every demographical challenge available in their school. I had the pleasure of working with them to create a powerful vision and to set the direction of the school as they move from good to fabulous! Take a look. Hugh Gaitskell Primary School Vision Together, we will make the […]

Has anything really changed in Ofsted judgement from 2017 to 2018?

It’s probably not a surprise that we’ve seen less outstanding schools since February. I’ve done some initial analysis on what’s changed between 2017 and 2018, and the percentage has definitely dropped. Looking at 2017 (the calendar year), 4% of schools inspected were judged as outstanding. Looking at 2018 (up to May), we see only 1% […]