Monthly Archives: November 2015

Is your school free of adult bullying? Many are not.

This anti-bullying week, so do take time to think about your staff team because many school leaders don’t recognise bullying when it’s right in front of them. Sadly I’ve come across more examples of bullying in schools than I would hope to and I’m not talking about the children but the adults.  However the biggest […]

Capability management mistake 1: Not tackling performance issues early on

Emma Webster, Employment Solicitor at Yesslaw share’s common mistakes she sees made when tackling performance. One of the main problems I see which makes tackling capability difficult is a manager not tackling performance issues early on. The failure to deal with what might start as a minor issue results in: entrenched behaviour by the employee […]

Have conflict because you care

Having conflict is stressful.  Acutely.But not having conflict is also stressful.  Chronically. However one of these has the opportunity to end the stress.  Having the difficult conversation, tackling the issue, whilst stressful in itself, if done well can free you of the stress altogether. And what’s more is that it takes the stress off the […]