Month: November 2014

(But a lot of people don’t know the difference) We’ve all heard strappy, catchy mottos of a ‘vision’: Love learning throughout life Be the best Reach for the stars Every child matters Achieve your potential (this one always makes me giggle, because I wonder what do you do when you have achieved it?  I like […]

It took me a year to figure this out.  Seriously!  Ok, so not a year only doing this, but a year of coming back, researching more, looking at visions and missions and generally scratching my head until I could understand and explain what the difference was.  So here it is, for you, because you don’t […]

Generally speaking, vanilla is a flavour everyone likes – some people like it a lot – but you know what I mean when I say ‘vanilla’:  having no special or extra features; ordinary or standard. Everyone might like it a bit but it doesn’t excite people; fuchsia pink, pistachio ice cream, these get a reaction […]

Often when I see a school vision, what stands out is that it doesn’t tell anyone why it is wanted, a bit like that picture it’s unclear.  I think we sometimes think people will just know, or that it’s not important, but it’s crucial! If you don’t tell people why, they will struggle to buy […]