Monthly Archives: September 2014

A sentence is not a vision

So often I see visions which are a sentence and, whilst in many instances less is more, in this case I believe less really is less. You see a vision is exactly that; a vision, a picture, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words (not a sentence). I’m not saying your […]

Coaching makes you look younger

I know that sounds like it’s a beauty product, but it’s true! When we have a problem, something that is gnawing at us, weighing us down, we tend to look tired and older. So often I’ve sat down to coach someone and they have looked like they are carrying the world on their shoulders; the […]

Enjoyment is part of high performance

Not enjoying what you do has a lot of downsides. Gallup have conducted a lot of research into this, far too much to cover here, but some juicy snippets are: People who use their strengths at work are six times more engaged in their job People have a better quality of life to the order […]

Conflict is good

Alright, I admit, I don’t enjoy conflict any more than you do; my heart pumps harder, my palms get sweaty, I can feel my voice wobble and I worry terribly that I’m going to upset the other person and risk doing some irreparable damage. But I know that conflict is good, at least healthy conflict […]